How much can I spend?


  1. Log in to Ali CRM+NUFFO portal.
  2. Click My Fund Portfolio.
  3. Click the hyperlinked fund number to drill down in a NUFFO fund record (view details).
  4. Balance information appears at the top of the fund record. Spendable Balance is spendable cash, updated with every transaction. Exception: For scholarships and fellowships – the amount equals what may be awarded the next academic year. This amount remains static from March 1 forward.
  5. Optional: Run reports for all funds you have access to, then export a spreadsheet to sort by balance information or calculate totals.

The foundation cannot share specific gift amounts for donors in Ali CRM. Why? The university is subject to public records laws and providing access to this information via the Ali CRM database or other paper or electronic records makes gift information subject to disclosure by the university as a public record.

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