What can I buy with my fund?


  1. Log in to Ali CRM+NUFFO portal.
  2. Click My Fund Portfolio.
  3. Click the hyperlinked fund number to drill down in a NUFFO fund record (view details).
  4. Spending criteria located in the center section of a NUFFO fund record includes three parts:
  • The Fund Summary Memorandum is a downloadable PDF indicating eligible expenditures and who has spending authority. Refer to this when completing a Transfer Request Form or Payment Request Form.
  • The Use Code indicates the fund’s purpose type: Capital Improvement | Faculty Support | General Support | Research | Student Support
  • The Site indicates the area of the university system supported.

The foundation cannot share specific gift amounts for donors in Ali CRM. Why? The university is subject to public records laws and providing access to this information via the Ali CRM database or other paper or electronic records makes gift information subject to disclosure by the university as a public record.