How do I get a list to thank donors?


  1. For annual recognition, acquire a list of donors by contacting your UNF development officer.
    1. Unsure who to contact? View a list of fundraising and advancement professionals on the foundation’s Contact page. (Scroll down to view the Fundraising and Advancement section.)
  2. To send thank you notes, pull a list of donors using NUFFO’s built-in reporting tools. Want to send a form letter for donations up to a certain dollar amount ($999), and a handwritten note for gifts $1,000 and higher? Run the same Donor Information Summary Report twice. The first time generate results $-99999999 to $999 (for form letters), then run the report again for $1,000 to $999999999 (for handwritten letters).
  3. Need help understanding those blue, italicized duplicate gift entries?
    1. View the last entry of the NUFFO FAQ guide here.
    2. View the Running Reports in NUFFO section on page 4 of the NUFFO Essentials guide here.

Not all gifts are displayed in NUFFO. NUFFO takes into consideration anonymous donors and gifts, deceased donors, donor contact preferences and other important factors. Downloaded information will not include gift amounts to protect donor privacy.