NUFFO Request, Approval and Training Process

University partners who manage foundation-held funds use the NUFFO portal to access fund balance and other fund information, including information about donors, spending authorities, potential fund growth and more.

New users request access by completing a Fund Authority Form. Instructions are found on the form including where to send the form. Applicants may:

  • request access to an entire group of funds
  • request access to select funds
  • request removal of certain funds (individually or in groups) from their user profile.

Tip: To prevent delays, please ensure all necessary approval signatures are on the form prior to submitting it to the foundation.

The foundation processes the request. This requires a minimum of two weeks. Once approved, the foundation will send an email to the new users with login information. Users whose access is being modified will receive an email confirming the request outlined on their Fund Authority Form.

Welcome, NUFFO user! You now have access to select fund and donor information. The information you need to know has been custom-curated for you.

Use the learning resources available:

  • Print the NUFFO Essentials Guide. Keep this printable desk reference handy to help you learn how to use the system.
  • Use the NUFFO eLearning course for in-depth training and keyword-searchable answers. This 16-lesson course can be viewed in its entirety, or you may select only the content relevant to your role.
  • Lessons with titles in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS apply to all users.