NUFFO Training and References

Welcome, NUFFO user! Click any green link below to navigate to that reference. Items that are downloaded files will appear in your browser’s file downloads area. Here is also a list of all the NUFFO FORMS.


This is a keyword-searchable, one-stop shop for NUFFO learning and finding answers, available from any web-connected device.

View the NUFFO Learning Module to learn how to use NUFFO at your own pace when you need it.

Take advantage of learning from prerecorded webinars that will help you master funds management in NUFFO. 

NUFFO 101 topics:

  • Fund management basics
  • My Fund Portfolio
  • NUFFO fund records
  • Whatfix: Installation and use

NUFFO 102 topics:

  • Summary Reports
  • Student Fund Finder
  • Request foundation funds

NUFFO 103 topics:

  • Fund authority and roles
  • Payment and Transfer Request process
  • Which type of request should I submit?
  • Payments and Transfer Requests

Email for more information on accessing these webinars.

Recent New Features

Visit the Electronic Payment and Transfer Request information page for information and support references.

NUFFO Student Fund Finder improves the efficiency and ease of awarding student aid. All student support fund criteria are embedded within Ali CRM+NUFFO and you may use the keyword search function to easily access this important information.

This is a desk reference, printable job aid.

Comprehensive guide detailing student support funds, fund criteria and donor restrictions, navigation in the new Student Fund Finder tool, and how to conduct searches step by step.


Reference Materials

This is a desk reference, printable job aid.

This includes key contacts and resources to help you. Be sure to complete lessons in the e-Learning module displayed in all capital letters first.

Instructions detailing how to log into Ali+NUFFO using Single Sign On.

Instructions detailing how to opt in to email gift notifications for funds under your authority.

Permissible expenses for each fund type include capital improvement, faculty support, general support, research and student support.

This document can help campus users understand the balances displayed on a fund’s landing page.

A file of one or multiple Fund Summary Memos may be downloaded or printed. Though the pdf file(s) are not keyword searchable, the results are easy to access and view in bulk. 

This is a comprehensive master PDF resource.

These are curated FAQs from NUFFO users.

This glossary explains foundation and fundraising terms.