Whatfix is Ali+NUFFO’s built-in companion support tool. Benefits include:

  • on-demand keyword searchable Self Help that helps you find answers, fast, including videos, links to support pages, downloadable job aids and more;
  • helpful tips that appear when you hover over onscreen elements;
  • flows that guide you step by step through common tasks and help you learn by doing; and
  • future upgrades and ongoing enhancements, which mean you’ll stay in the know as Ali and Whatfix evolve.

View this brief demo video to understand why and how to use the tool (you may need to adjust the volume level to hear the narration):

  • WHO 
    • All NUFFO users and foundation staff are eligible to use Whatfix
  • HOW
    • Install a foundation-built Chrome extension (it only requires two clicks – easy!)
    • Each user must use Google Chrome exclusively
    • New NUFFO users are provided the link to install the Chrome extension in the new user setup email that is sent by the foundation

  • HELP
    • If you have questions, feedback or requests, or would like a link to the Chrome extension installation page, email training@nufoundation.org.
    • If you experience issues using Whatfix, you may troubleshoot by temporarily turning off any other Chrome extensions you may have installed. View this video to learn how to manage extensions.