Click any icon below to download the form (the downloaded pdf will likely appear along the bottom of your browser window):

Fund Authority Form

Use this to request or modify access to foundation-held funds.

Payment Request Form

Use this form for direct payments to individuals or businesses from UNF funds. It can be used to reimburse an employee expense or make direct payment to vendors.

Transfer Request Form

Use this to request funds to be transferred from the foundation to the university. Expenses must have already been incurred and charged to a WBS/Cost Center Account.

Domestic Per Diem Calculator

If you are requesting reimbursement for meals while traveling, please utilize this form and instructions. 

This form must be submitted with the Payment Request form, along with their itinerary and details of the travel to determine the correct amount is computed.


Gift Transmittal Form

Use the Gift Transmittal Form to provide University of Nebraska Foundation Advancement Records with information necessary to properly record transactions in Ali CRM and FE NXT. This allows the University of Nebraska Foundation to apply proper donor recognition credits and update records accordingly.

Reinvestment Request Form

Use this to request an amount of the spendable balance of a fund be reinvested back to the principal of the fund. If a fund is permanently endowed, this action is irreversible.