Aletheia (Ali CRM) is the advancement constituent relationship management (CRM) system for the University of Nebraska and its affiliates. It is named after Aletheia, the Greek goddess of truth. Ali CRM is the single source of truth for advancement activities involving supporters of the University of Nebraska. The system manages details about fundraising, alumni relations, marketing and communication with the university’s alumni, donors and friends.

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NU Foundation Funds Online

NU Foundation Funds Online (NUFFO, pronounced “NEW-foe”) is part of Ali CRM. The NUFFO portal provides curated fund, gift and donor information to authorized users.

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Ali CRM Constituent Record Access

Ali CRM constituent record access provides authorized users with constituent biographical contact information, such as email, address, and phone numbers. Certain constituent records may display education, recognition, communications, interaction, membership, volunteer or other information. Collaboration among users with access to constituent records in Ali CRM provides a customized, consistent experience for each alumnus or friend of the university.

View the Ali CRM+NUFFO Learning Road Maps to understand how users learn to use Ali CRM+NUFFO.

How-To Guides

It’s helpful to keep in mind that while all gift dollars appear in NUFFO, not all donors are displayed in NUFFO. NUFFO takes into consideration anonymous donors and gifts, deceased donors or other important factors. 

Quick tips for university partners to make your work easier

This guide shares information about how to send an email to a group of recipients that is accurate and timely, adheres to foundation policies as well as all federal and state regulations.

The guide has four versions, one per campus. This was necessary to capture the correct contact information for the associated alumni association. If you are not associated with a campus, follow the UNK guide to contact the foundation.

UNK   |   UNL   |   UNMC   | UNO

This guide shares information about how to request a mailing list for a group of recipients that is accurate, timely and adheres to foundation policies and federal and state guidelines.

This guide shares information about how to send an event invitation to a group of recipients. Depending on the communication method or event type, the invitation may be sent on your behalf or you may be provided with an invitation list.

This guide shares information about how to update data stored by the University of Nebraska Foundation on our alumni, donors and friends.

This guide shares information about how to secure access for volunteers to contact information to coordinate communication with fellow alumni or University of Nebraska supporters. If the volunteer is interested in crowdfunding or hosting fundraising events, please refer them to https://nufoundation.org/fundraise/.

This guide shares information about how to send gifts to the University of Nebraska Foundation for processing.

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